VM sports was formed in July 2016 in Du noon (Cape Town, South Africa) by Victor Silulami Mntwana. Victor was born in Lady Frere. He grew up in Mbekweni, Paarl and that was where he played sports. He grew up playing football and doing athletics. He is so passionate about sports that he decided to form VM sports. He started this project because he loves sport and want to give something back. 
After he saw talent being wasted by today’s youth, Victor decided to establish VM sports. In 2015 he met Hanna van Leeuwen in a project in Du Noon, where they learned they shared the same ideas about youth and development; they wanted to do something for the kids and take them away from the streets. Together they decided to give the youth in Du Noon a brighter future. 


Our aim is to make dreams come through for the kids of Du Noon and surrounding areas from the age of 12 to 22. To make sure that they become successful in sports by giving them a chance to prove themselves against well-structured clubs so that they can be scouted and become professionals. To make sure they don’t do drugs and alcohol and have HIV, to teach them self-discipline and about life in general so that they can have a better future. The aim is to have professional sport athletes.


VM sports will have workshops and organize motivational speakers. We will have games against the top teams in the Western Cape and if we have good players, they will be scouted. We will have team building events, attend soccer clinics, visits schools for disabled and HIV awareness campaigns. VM sports will look for sponsorships to support the project so that it can fulfill all needs. Our biggest vision is to produce professional footballers and athletes.

Victor Silulami Mntwana 
Founder VM sports

Hanna van Leeuwen
Co-Founder VM sports