Interview with one of our players: Aviwe Faniso

When did you start playing football, which club and where? I started to play football when I was 9 years old. and joined spice 4 life youth academy and FC mimosa in the township. And i did make a move to table view football club to play cape town tygerbug league. Tell us about your worst moment in football and a great moment.

The worst moment was when my plans failed to get good academic club for two years... But my great moment is that when old mutual academy and hellenic football club contacted table view fc about signing me both clubs that shows that I am a hard worker. When did you join Old Mutual and how is life there?

I decided to join old mutual academy in 2015 on September because they did put something great on table and we did agree by the terms. Life at old mutual academy is great you can see how they do thing that they are an academic club and they are nominated as one of the best academy in South Africa, which is great for the club, because they give you opportunity in PSL,OVERSEA. What do you think of VM Sports project? This is a great project and most of the youth can achieve their goals in this project... Who is your best player in the world and why?

My best player in the world in Masello (Realmadrid - leftback); I believe in him and he is the best leftback in the world. I learn from him. Any message to the young boys who want to follow your footsteps?

All i can say to the young boy continue to work hard because hard work pays off.

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